Progress Iteratively With Feedback

ITIL4 discusses “Iterate with Feedback”. It is so important that it is an ITIL4 Guiding Principle.

I think how simple the concept is and how rarely it is applied in personal lives and work environments.

The first step must be a willingness to improve. The next includes surrounding yourself with people who will give you valuable feedback. Lastly, you must decide whether you should incorporate said feedback.

I see this played out in organizations, too. They will not come out and say “we have always done it this way” but actions speak louder than words.

I saw this recently as a tool implementer said they have a standard way of implementing the tool and they are not incorporating client feedback.

Once again, this speaks volumes.

If your organization needs to ensure the ITSM or ITAM toolset is implemented to be successful, contact me for an initial discussion.

New Year is a Great Time To …

The new year is a great time to audit your processes and documentation to see if they are still aligned with how users execute the processes.

Then, update your training documentation.

New employees need to know what to do.

CMDB Investment

I talk often about the CMDB.

The reason: if you can’t get the CMDB right, it’s tough to do Service Management well.

Consider the following reasons:
1. Your CMDB will establish scope for your configuration items (CIs) and their attributes. This establishes the scope for what is a Change or Incident, and other processes/practices.

2. The relationships in the CMDB are leveraged to make decisions in the other processes and practices. How to assess the risk of a Change is a good example. Imagine how a good CMDB enables those outcomes versus a bad one.

3. The governance and accuracy of the CMDB determines how well the other processes/practices can be governed. Consider how difficult it would be to resolve Incidents on things in your environment that are not in the CMDB.

4. There are many more, but I will end with this one. When we want to calculate service uptime, costing, or performance (SLA), you must have a quality CMDB first.

Invest in the CMDB first and foremost. It drives quality elsewhere.

Doing Things the Right Way

I am not trying to be “hot takey”, but there is no way to deliver (co-create) quality IT services without a quality CMDB.

Further, the quality of your services will be defined by the quality of your CMDB.

For example, most mature Incident Management processes/practices are based on the info in the CMDB. The same goes for assessing the risk of Changes, investigating the Root Cause of Problems, etc.

Taking it a step further, your CMDB should drive your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Also, your CMDB should be able to lead the conversations around application rationalization, reducing technical debt, and even reducing the software licensing costs.


Understand the consumers of your services.

I know some who invest in chat bots and not knowledge management and others the exact opposite.

Align your resources with what the consumers use and want.

Everyone would agree that this is good practice.

However, I come back to a Henry Ford quote (paraphrase):

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me faster horses.”

Sometimes, when looking at the metrics, we see patterns and trends and think there’s an obvious path, but innovation disrupts everything.

There are things coming that will disrupt our current plans.

Be iterative. Be flexible.

See the disruption as opportunity.


As we begin the new year, there’s one topic rarely discussed …


We have so much noise and distraction.

Missing is clarity …

– clarity of vision,
– what needs to be done,
– and how to measure

As you consider what you want to accomplish in 2022, focus on clarity first.


We get what we incentivize.

In business, I found this to be true.

As a father of teenagers, this was confirmed.

We worry so much about penalizing poor behavior and work output that we forget how to incentivize.

We need to celebrate successes, however small.

The goal must be on growth in a safe place.

We grow much easier in positive environments.