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We Get What We Incentivize

We get what we incentivize. Sadly, we far often incentivize the wrong behaviors. Once we make a metric a goal or target, people are incentivized to reach it, one way or another. This Friday, assess what you are incentivizing. One consideration is that we should be incentivizing outcomes not outputs.


I am thankful the ITIL 4 authors included Organizational Change Management. This is a hole in many organizations as they know how to build and deploy the technical aspects but fall short on the ability to create outcomes because the human areas are unknown or disregarded. Just my opinion, but, I do not think an […]

Getting the CMDB Right

I talk to many organizations who have a CMDB but readily admit that it doesn’t offer enough value to stakeholders. There are two major reasons why: 1. When designed and implemented, not all stakeholders were identified and involved. Further, the CMDB was not designed to deliver the desired outcomes. 2. Even if all stakeholders were […]

Need For Quality Asset Management

The need to do IT Asset Management well has increased exponentially in the last two years. This has occurred for two main reasons: 1. There are more technology assets in every organization that need to be treated as investments than ever before2. The risk of doing ITAM poorly is increasingly costly The time is now […]

Coexisting Frameworks

Was just asked today if Agile and ITIL can coexist. The answer is a resounding “yes”. Agile is a great way to deliver software, Iteratively. The ITIL frameworks are so much more. Further, the organizations who integrate frameworks best have gained efficiency which is a competitive advantage.


As a society, we have forgotten what excellence looks like. The ability to excel is so uncommon, we cannot recognize it. Do you know what excellence looks like in your job? The difference between good and great is larger than good and merely average. We need to seek out and reward great. Great employees are […]

The Rates of Change Are Picking Up

The rates (or cycles) of change are picking up speed. When we look back over the past two years, it’s almost unbelievable. Things we thought would never change were disrupted. However, the next two years will have even more disruption and change. Let’s look at some potential changes to what we do and how we […]


There are so many reasons to be optimistic about the future. The digital innovation 💡 will cause ripples of disruption. Not many will be able to navigate the issues at hand. These skills will cross industries, organizations, and geography. Skills will be valued over industry experience. Today, we place too much value in experience in […]

True Story

I once worked for a CTO who did not talk to a main business stakeholder. In fact, this stakeholder was one of two customer-facing groups served by IT. I tried to bridge the two. It was a strange predicament for me. The stakeholder appreciated my involvement as I tried to align my group with his […]

Perspective on Asset Management

If an airplane crashes, it is usually on either take-off or touch-down. Once up in the air, we take safety for granted. Sure, there might be turbulence, but it is not too big of a deal. The same is true for your Asset Management – both software and hardware. If there is an issue, it […]