IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

We have extensive experience in the world of IT Asset Management services, providing expertise in the areas of Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) to help organizations maximize the value of their Assets.  What makes Asset Management different than Configuration Management is the emphasis on financial reasons, e.g., depreciation, costing, and the ability to make decisions.  Configuration Management is focused on the relationships between Configuration Items instead of financial implications.  Many Assets are Configuration Items, and vice versa, but the distinction is important.

Hardware Asset Management services include Asset procurement and onboarding, lifecycle management, tracking, decommissioning, and disposal.  While this seems simple, procurement and onboarding are far from it.  What are the security implications?  What are the procurement policies? Is there a process to tag and asset and put it in the process?  Think about how each of these is extremely important to the outcomes needed for the success of the organization.  Lifecycle management of assets is oft-confused for Asset Management.  Lifecycle management is managing the assets throughout their lifecycle, including how it is built, how it goes live, and how it is reported.

Software Asset Management services include software licensing and onboarding, software audit preparation and defense, strategic planning, and decommissioning.  Each of these requires specific knowledge few people, firms, or organizations hold.  Service Management Leadership is a trusted advisor for your software licensing needs to help you make great licensing decisions for the long-term, not just what the product salesperson would like you to make.  This service offering also includes how to negotiate the best price for your software needs.  Software audits are becoming an increasing pain-point for most organizations of all sizes.  Large software companies audit then require large payments to remediate the situation.  We take a proactive approach to software audits, helping you understand your licensing positions and current situation before the audit begins.  This proactive approach is the best way to defend software audits.

Strategic Asset Management planning includes aligning the software portfolio with architectural roadmaps.  Is the organization licensed to meet the business needs that the roadmaps indicate?  These are the types of strategic planning Service Management Leadership provides.  Included in this offering is the efficient and effective software asset decommissioning.  When you decommission a software title, are you still paying for it?  Do you even know?  Many organizations are still paying for software asset technical debt long after it was decommissioned.  Service Management Leadership can help ensure that your organization does not have this problem.  Even if it does, we can minimize the impact and erase the issue over time.  Through an effective Software Asset Management process, we have saved millions of dollars.  Most of this resulted from examination of licensing (comparing what is needed versus what is currently licensed), support levels (gold level versus bronze), negotiation during onboarding and decommissioning, and understanding the lifecycle to proactively support Software audits.

For all areas of IT Asset Management, the focus is to enable the highest level of decision-making ability.  Executive leadership makes decisions every day.  Many of those decisions are strategic and impact the licensing of software and hardware assets.  Service Management Leadership can help with the variables and measuring of decisions, giving the positives and negatives of different decisions.

The firm’s Asset Management services will help your organization save large amounts of dollars every year.  The firm’s founder, Jeffrey Tefertiller, has been performing IT Asset Management services, both as a strategic partner and in internal IT, since 1994.  This is a core capability for him and the firm as a whole.  Contact us today for an introductory conversation.