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Impact of Experience on the Bottom Line

As I learn more about the applications and implications of Experience Management – and its potential impact on IT Service Delivery – the Return on Investment is unmistakable. It has been proven that improved experience drives better services which brings money savings and increased funding in the future. The secret is understanding the service delivery […]

Bringing ITAM to Life

If an airplane crashes, it is usually on either take-off or touch-down. Once up in the air, we take safety for granted. Sure, there might be turbulence, but it is not too big of a deal. The same is true for your Asset Management – both software and hardware. If there is an issue, it […]

Bureaucracy or Governance?

I think we all have seen Service Management organizations that were too bureaucratic. This was not the goal but it just happened over time. Rigidity was bountiful. The cure for bureaucracy is consumer focus. Whether through the use of Experience Management, or not, Service Management organizations must consider the end (consumer’s view of value) at […]


I once worked for a CTO who did not talk to a main business stakeholder. In fact, this stakeholder was one of two customer-facing groups served by IT. I tried to bridge the two. It was a strange predicament for me. The stakeholder appreciated my involvement as I tried to align my group with his […]


The rates (or cycles) of change are picking up speed. When we look back over the past two years, it’s almost unbelievable. Things we thought would never change were disrupted. However, the next two years will have even more disruption and change. Let’s look at some potential changes to what we do and how we […]