Service Operations

Service Operations

The ability to maximize the uptime of your IT services should never be discounted.  We provide strategic, tactical, and operational services for your Service Operations group.  It can be for the Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, or even Request Fulfillment; Service Management Leadership can help your organization minimize downtime impacting your business customers. Service Operations monitors and improves the up-time for every organization.

While we have a practice focusing on identifying Service Desk improvements, Service Management Leadership also advises looking at Service Desk issues in the broader context of Service Operations.  The Service Desk is the front door to IT and needs to perform at a high level.  In addition, most incidents and requests are first engaged by the Service Desk.  A strong Service Desk will reduce resolution and closure times for each process or practice.

Are business stakeholders and support groups satisfied with how your Incident Management process resolves incidents in a timely and efficient manner?  The business customers care about minimizing down-time of their applications and services.  The ability of Incident Management to lower Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and publicize to the business helps IT gain further adoption and investment.

Major Incident Management is a sub-set of Incident Management.  The establishment of a standardized approach to addressing high-priority incidents needs investment.  These incidents are high in urgency and impact and need resolution as soon as possible.  This is where having an efficient process is imperative.  These are the strategic services of the company.  They cannot be down for an extended period of time.  Service Management Leadership can help.

Problem Management, both proactive and reactive, can improve the up-time of your business services.  The ability to understand incidents and find the underlying root cause will keep these incidents from reoccurring and minimize the ones where the resolution cannot be quickly implemented.  Problem Management allows Service Operations to improve up-time over the long-term.  It needs expertise and Service Management Leadership can help.

The ability to timely fulfill requests differentiates the efficient Service Desks from the others.  For many organizations, it takes too long to grant access to services, get new hardware or software, change a password, or any other service.   A Request Fulfillment process is the answer.

The Service Management Leadership firm has lengthy experience building processes, measures and metrics, and strategic advisory of Service Operations.  Metrics and measures are the single way for an IT organization to understand what is going well and what is not.  Are incidents and problems getting recorded, categorized, and prioritized correctly?  Do you have strong metrics measuring each of these for every support group?  Most IT organizations suffer through this issue and we can help your company identify metrics and improve in these areas.

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