The Rates of Change Are Picking Up

The rates (or cycles) of change are picking up speed.

When we look back over the past two years, it’s almost unbelievable. Things we thought would never change were disrupted.

However, the next two years will have even more disruption and change. Let’s look at some potential changes to what we do and how we do it:

– Machine Learning and chatbots combined will become the first touch for most Service Desks. If so, organizations must get their Knowledge in tip-top shape and shift resources accordingly.

– With so many Changes coming through automation (e.g. CI/CD), Configuration Management (CMDB) + Change Management must be strong.

– More and more non-IT assets/CIs will be included in Asset and Service Management programs that transparency must increase as non-traditional business stakeholders become more strategic.

– Redundancy is everywhere because of the low tolerance for outages. The recent outages from Microsoft, Facebook, etc , have shown that outages occur more from Changes than technology failure. However, the complexity is increasing. We need to improve our change risk assessment abilities. We will see this trend increase due to the increasing complexity.

This list could go on and on.